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Blog Management Workshops


The trainer taught participants how to set up and manage blogs To promote the new SFCCA website and forge stronger bonds between member associations and SFCCA, SFCCA organised a free blog management workshops on 25th February 2009. During the workshop, members were taught how to set up blog within the SFCCA website and how to [全文]

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Johor Chingay Parade


SFCCA's Youth Committee members entering The Old Temple of Johor Bahru On 14th February 2009, 14 members from SFCCA's Youth Committee participated in the Johor Chingay parade at the invitation from Persekutuan Tiong-Hua Johor Bahru's youth group. The group departed at 7.30am and arrived at the Tiong-Hua Johor Bahru building at 9am for an exchange [全文]

Johor Chingay Parade2020-08-27T17:26:42+08:00


5th National Zong Xiang Cup Chinese Chess Competition


Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA) and Singapore Xiangqi General Association held the 5th National Zong Xiang Cup Chinese Competition on 22nd November at SFCCA Multi-Purpose Hall @ Level 1. The competition was co-organised by 26 clan associations and attracted more than 300 competitors who pitted their wits against each other to see who [全文]

5th National Zong Xiang Cup Chinese Chess Competition2020-08-27T17:24:06+08:00

Is Joining Clan Associations Beneficial to Youths?


Five-foot way, or "Gho Kha Ki" in local hokkien dialect, is an architectural heritage of Singapore. As a cultural symbol, Five-foot ways are commonly found in the Fujian region of China. This shows the close relation between Singaporean Chinese and their ancestral homes. Guest speaker for the theme "Is joining clan associations beneficial for youths?", [全文]

Is Joining Clan Associations Beneficial to Youths?2020-08-27T17:20:40+08:00
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