SFCCA held the Talk of Town – Youth Seminar Series “New Gen Clan Youth Leaders: Inspired by the Past, Aspire Towards Greater Excellence” Talk at the SFCCA Multi-Purpose Hall@ Level 2 on 25 September. The speakers of the seminar were Youth Group Chairman of Kong Chow Wui Koon, Ms Lynn Wong Yuqing, Deputy Treasurer of Char Yong (Dabu) Association, Dr Lau Weida, as well as Youth Group Chairman-cum-Deputy Secretary-General of Jiangsu Association (Singapore),Dr Sun Lingling. All three speakers are currently active members of their respective clan associations. In addition to sharing their service experiences in the clan, the three speakers also talked about the challenges and insights of promoting youth affairs. President of SFCCA, Mr Thomas Chua, and Chairman of the Youth Committee of SFCCA, Dr Zhou Zhaocheng attended the talk as well.

(From left) Dr Lau Weida, Ms Lynn Wong Yuqing, Dr Sun Lingling and moderator Dr Yun Jia

Chairman of Youth Committee of SFCCA, Dr Zhou Zhaocheng

Dr Zhou Zhaocheng mentioned the importance of the Youth Committee to play the role of a bridge between the Federation and the youth groups, the Chinese community, and the Singaporean society, and to play its part in raising awareness of the culture, history, and traditions of the Chinese community among youths and to pass them on through youth group activities. In addition, he also mentioned that the selection of the new “SFCCA Outstanding Youth Award” awardees is happening soon and encouraged members of the youth groups of the clans to participate enthusiastically.

During the discussion session of the talk, one participant mentioned that how the clans bring in new blood is of paramount importance. In this regard, he believed that it is necessary to capture the needs of new members and constantly innovate, and technology is one of the forces that can be leveraged. Consequently, another participant also made a point about innovation. She said that our society is in transition and the needs of the elderly are changing, so the youth of the clans should pay attention to the innovation of social services while seeking progress to take better care of them.

When discussing about the plausible business model of the youth group in the foreseeable future, Dr. Sun Lingling said that the online communication is efficient, and in person communication brings warmth, and the future activities would consider using both online and offline modes to complement each other. Moreover, there is a wide range of ages and different interests among the youth group members. This poses as a huge challenge in terms of uniting these individuals.  Dr Lau Weida pointed out that charity events are appealing to all age groups and can even be opened to all members. Also, a lighter duties can also attract members to bring their children to participate, which can invariably break the age boundary.

President of SFCCA, Mr Thomas Chua expressing his thoughts

At the end of the talk, President of SFCCA, Mr Thomas Chua, expressed his thoughts. He affirmed the positive attitudes and hard work of the Youth Committee, saying that such optimism can become a source of positive influence the future generations, and the future of the association is promising. At the same time, he also mentioned that clan associations would also take a more serious view of its future development.

The “New Gen Clan Youth Leaders: Inspired by the Past, Aspire Towards Greater Excellence Talk” was a huge success!


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