Introduced by SFCCA in 2011, the “Clan of the Year Award” aims to encourage clan associations to promote Chinese culture and actively explore new opportunities, and to recognise clan associations’ achievements and efforts. Till date, SFCCA has awarded close to 70 “Clan of the Year Award” and “Special Award for Excellence”.

2017/18 “Clan of the Year Award” winners with the Guest-of-Honour and Award Presenters

2017/18 “Special Award for Excellence” winners with the Guest-of-Honour and Award Presenters

To better encapsulate the clan associations’ development and achievements, the award has been changed from an annual to a biennial one since its previous run. In 2016, SFCCA also established the “Outstanding Youth Award” to expand the scope of the awards, commend youths who have made outstanding achievements in clan associations, and to discover more rising stars amongst the Chinese community.

2nd “Outstanding Youth Award” Recipients with the Guest-of-Honour and Award Presenters

The selection criteria for the “Clan of the Year Award” includes the respective clan associations’ contributions to itself and the Chinese community, to the bolstering of appreciation of traditional Chinese culture, to promoting racial harmony and integration of new immigrants. Also taken into consideration are the respective clan associations’ impact on fellow clan associations and SFCCA, as well as efforts to promote youth activities, etc. It is worth mentioning that for this run of the award, the selection criteria will also include the clan associations’ efforts to transform themselves and their contributions to the local community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2019/20 “Clan of the Year Award” is now open for applications. SFCCA welcomes all member associations’ applications for the period from 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2020. Additionally, member associations may nominate deserving youths who have made tremendous contributions in clan associations for the “Outstanding Youth Award”. The awards ceremony is tentatively scheduled for September 2021.

To apply for the “Clan of the Year Award” or nominate someone for the “Outstanding Youth Award”, please visit to download the respective forms. Please submit the form and supporting documents via the submission methods listed below, and before the stipulated closing date and time: