Following the community involvement introductory session on 4th July 2009, Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA) had once again collaborated with Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Ministry of Home Affairs to organise a second run of the “SG United Journey”.

In the morning of 5th September 2009, SFCCA Secretary-General Lin Fang Hua and over 30 representatives from member associations visited the Internal Security Department (ISD) Heritage Centre. With the rich historical materials, visitors could learn more about the possible consequences of conflicts between the different racial and religious groups.

Primarily, the ISD prevents terrorism, activities from external forces, and maintains ethnic and racial harmony. The ISD Heritage Centre, built in 1988, stores precious national historical materials. In addition to the events that occurred in Singapore’s history, the heritage centre also recorded incidents that caused racial and religious disputes before and after Singapore’s independence, alerting all to always stay vigilant as harmony does not come easy.

The visit to ISD Heritage Centre was the second stop of the “SG United Journey”. Moving forward, the next stop “Psychological Defence” will be held on 10th October 2009, delivered by Associate Professor Chang Wei Ning from Nanyang Technological University in the form of a seminar. She will be explaining on how psychological resilience can help when one faces crisis and disasters and the definition of “Psychological First Aid”. All members are welcome to inquire and register with the SFCCA Secretariat. (Phone number: 6354 4078)