Singapore Biographical Database

The Singapore Biographical Database is a collaborative project by the National University of Singapore, the National Library Board of Singapore and the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations. It presents an interface that allows users to search individual prominent Singapore Chinese personalities and displays a social network of interpersonal connections and affiliations between them. Apart from biographical information, the database offers additional links to selected digital archives from the National Library, Singapore; the National Archives of Singapore and the photo archives from the Department of Chinese Studies, the National University of Singapore.

The first phase of this project focuses on 200 prominent Singapore Chinese personalities to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the founding of modern Singapore in 2019. We hope to eventually develop a big database of eight generations of Singapore personalities from 1819 to 2019.

To access the Singapore Biographical Database, please visit http://sbdb.nus.edu.sg.

Introductory Video:

“New World, New Life”
VR Exhibition