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“Dispute Mediation Station” Seminar


The “Dispute Mediation Station” Seminar jointly organised by Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA), Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI), and the Ministry of Home Affairs was held at the Singapore Mediation Centre on 7th November 2009. More than 20 representatives from SFCCA and SCCCI attended the event and strengthened their dispute [...]

“Dispute Mediation Station” Seminar2020-10-20T21:38:42+08:00


Youth Association of Returned Overseas Chinese Macau’s Visit to Singapore


Deepening the bond between youths of two countries through interactive games and activities at the Botanic Gardens The cultural exchange group from the Youth Association of Returned Overseas Chinese Macau visited Singapore from 29th to 31st October 2009. More than 20 representatives from the SFCCA Youth Committee as well as the youth groups of Ying [...]

Youth Association of Returned Overseas Chinese Macau’s Visit to Singapore2020-10-12T01:53:32+08:00

Bishan Cultural Tour


On 11th October 2009, four representatives from SFCCA's Youth Committee headed to the Singapore Kwong Wai Siew Peck San Theng to participate in the “Bishan Cultural Tour”. The organisers of the event invited more than 100 participants including the residents from the neighbourhood, students as well as members from 16 clan associations under the Peck [...]

Bishan Cultural Tour2020-10-12T01:46:00+08:00

Psychological Defence


“Sometimes you don’t have to say anything and it’s sufficient to just serve a cup of hot tea, give them (victims) a pat on the shoulder and be there for them,” Associate Professor Chang Weining shared her experience of giving psychological first aid when she headed to the disaster area after Sichuan earthquake. In the [...]

Psychological Defence2020-10-11T19:53:31+08:00

Donation for Taiwan Flood Victims


SFCCA Vice-President Ho Kiau Seng (fourth from right), Treasurer Ho Kwok Choi, and several council members handed over donation cheque to representative Vanessa Shih (sixth from left) On 8th August 2009, the most severe flooding in more than half a century occurred in Taiwan, resulting in a great loss of lives and properties. To help [...]

Donation for Taiwan Flood Victims2020-10-11T19:41:49+08:00

A “Heart-to-Heart” Mid-Autumn Tea Dialogue Session


Right to left: SFCCA Secretary-General Lin Fang Hua, Minister for Manpower Gan Kim Yong, Members of Parliament Ang Mong Seng and Zaqy Mohamad in dialogue with clan associations' representatives Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA) and Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) jointly organised a dialogue session at the SFCCA Auditorium on 1st October 2009. [...]

A “Heart-to-Heart” Mid-Autumn Tea Dialogue Session2020-10-11T19:22:05+08:00


Visit to the ISD Heritage Centre


Following the community involvement introductory session on 4th July 2009, Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA) had once again collaborated with Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Ministry of Home Affairs to organise a second run of the “SG United Journey”. In the morning of 5th September 2009, SFCCA Secretary-General Lin Fang [...]

Visit to the ISD Heritage Centre2020-10-09T23:04:27+08:00


3rd National Day Sing-Along


In partnership with the People's Park Traders' Association, the “3rd National Day Sing-along” was organised by SFCCA at Chinatown for the first time ever. Through this event, SFCCA hopes to encourage more people to take part in “National Day Sing-along” to express their love for our nation through singing. (Front row, from left to right) [...]

3rd National Day Sing-Along2020-10-06T22:35:04+08:00


ASEAN Chinese Clan Associations Conference


Representatives from Singapore warmly welcomed by organisers at the Bangkok airport SFCCA Secretary-General Lin Fang Hua personally led a 35-member group, inclusive of SFCCA council members and 11 other representatives from kinship clan associations on the trip to Bangkok, Thailand to participate in the ASEAN Chinese Clan Associations Conference jointly organised by The United Chinese [...]

ASEAN Chinese Clan Associations Conference2020-10-20T21:28:50+08:00

SFCCA Racial Harmony Food Fair


President S.R Nathan and SFCCA President Wee Cho Yaw along with the President’s attempt at Chinese calligraphy of the word “Heart” At 10am in the morning, the SFCCA building was bustling with noise and excitement, filled with an endless flow of people queuing up at the various food booths. There was a strong scent of [...]

SFCCA Racial Harmony Food Fair2020-10-09T22:18:02+08:00