Unlike the Youth Interest Group: Virtual Escape Room event organised by Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA) on 28th May, the ease of Covid restrictions ushered in the Youth Interest Group: Escape Room event that was held on 6th November, attracting close to 70 participants. A physical escape room allows participants to experience and fully immerse themselves in the game, and it can fully control the live atmosphere and players’ emotions, which is far more exciting and real compared to an online escape room. From slowly entering into the game, to transforming to Sherlock Holmes analysing riddles, unlocking passwords and finally completing the last stage and escaping the escape room; this progressive nature of the game led the participants wanting to continue with the game although it had already ended. Many expressed that they would participate in similar events in the future.


Game host introducing the event flow to the players before the game

Round trip shuttle bus service to Singapore Discovery Centre are provided

Arriving at Singapore Discovery Centre!

Group picture taken outside the escape room

SFCCA Youth Interest Group: Escape Room concluded successfully!