Newly appointed Chinese Ambassador to Singapore, Sun Haiyan, together with five delegates from the Chinese Embassy, visited SFCCA in the afternoon of 6 July (Wednesday) and was hosted by SFCCA President Mr Thomas Chua and some of the Council Members.

Chinese Ambassador to Singapore Sun Haiyan (front row, centre) with some of the SFCCA Council Members. 

SFCCA President congratulated Chinese Ambassador Sun Haiyan on her recent appointment and introduced the history and background of SFCCA. He also shared about the events that SFCCA has collaborated with the Chinese Embassy,  such as “River Hongbao” and the SFCCA Scholars who are studying in China Universities, etc.  Mr Thomas Chua thanked the Chinese Embassy for the support and encouragement towards SFCCA’s events.

Ambassador Sun Haiyan mentioned that the SFCCA is a leading organization among the local clan associations, with the mission to promote Chinese culture and values. SFCCA plays an active role in promoting cultural exchange and development between China and Singapore. As the new Chinese Ambassador, she hopes that the friendship between SFCCA and the Chinese Embassy will continue, expanding new areas of cooperation to promote friendly relations between the two countries.