To further Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA)’s efforts in preserving Singapore’s social harmony, a network of Integration Advocates was appointed last year. Through their involvement and organising of integration-related programmes, the Integration Advocates play an integral role in contributing towards integration of new immigrants/ foreigners.

Hence, on 7th and 15th March 2020, a “CORE Profiling” training workshop was specially organised for the Integration Advocates to strengthen their understanding of different behavioral styles. A total of 17 Integration Advocates attended the training workshop which was conducted in English.

Integration Advocates enthusiastically expressed their opinions

Through a series of interactive experiential activities, discussions, personal assessment and reflection during the training workshop, participants developed a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities as Integration Advocates so as to facilitate and contribute towards SFCCA’s integration efforts in preserving Singapore’s social cohesion and harmony.

There was a series of video clips being played during the workshop, featuring working adults of different age groups and personalities. Through the video clips, the Integration Advocates applied close observation in order to analyse the working adults and correctly guess their CORE profile. During the discussions, the Integration Advocates realised that it is usually easy for people to judge a book by its cover. In order to avoid that and instead, establish a better relationship with others, it is important to learn how to properly communicate and make the effort to understand their personality styles.

Integration Advocates during small group discussion

Integration Advocates gained a better understanding of themselves through reflection activities during the workshop. The “CORE profile” refers to four personality types – namely Conventional, Observant, Resolute and Expressive.

– Conventional: Finds comfort in stability and does not like uncertainty. Very likely to compromise and give in to others.
– Observant: Sharp-eyed, perfectionist, and has high expectations for self and others.
– Resolute: Enjoys challenges, decisive, but may lack of care for others feelings and opinions.
– Expressive: Able to communicate well with others and enjoys winning the approval of others, but may lack organisational skills.

This series of psychological knowledge has empowered the Integration Advocates to acknowledge that when organising events or running programmes, it is inevitable to meet people from all walks of life (different backgrounds, age groups, working classes), but to establish meaningful relationships with others, it is important to have a strong foundation built on respect, tolerance and empathy. This is especially important to maintain the harmony in the multi-racial and multi-cultural Singapore.

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