Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA) held its 33rd Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 15th September 2018, at the SFCCA Multi-Purpose Hall @ Level 1, to encapsulate SFCCA’s achievements for the past year as well as concluded the second stage of its 16th Council election. 176 attended the AGM from 77 clan associations’ representatives and members.

In accordance to the SFCCA constitution, the Council shall consist of up to 31 members, including the 7 representatives nominated by the Founder Members, 14 other persons elected from amongst the Ordinary Members, and a maximum of 10 other persons co-opted by these 21 Council Members, which is also the third and final stage of the Federation’s election.

The SFCCA Council election constitutes a total of three stages, and SFCCA had earlier carried out its first stage of election, in which its Founder Members had nominated their representatives who are mandated to take the office. They are Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Vice-President Mr Tan Aik Hock, Mr George Quek Meng Tong representing The Teo Chew Poit Ip Huay Kuan, Vice-President of Singapore Kwangtung Hui Kuan Mr William Leong Sin Yuen, President of Nanyang Khek Community Guild Mr Ho Khiam Seng, President of Singapore Hainan Hwee Kuan Mr Phua Kiah Mai, President of The Sam Kiang Huay Kwan Mr Lee Peng Shu and Mr Hong Poh Hin, Deputy Chairman of Singapore Foochow Association.

On the day of the AGM, results of the poll were announced from the list of 20 eligible candidates and 14 members were elected. A total of 129 votes received including the 3 invalid votes. 15th Council President of SFCCA Mr Chua Thian Poh did not participate in the election and thus, will step down from his position after the 16th Council is formed.

List of Newly Elected SFCCA Council Members

  1. Perng Peck Seng (Nanyang Fang Shee Association)
  2. Chan Sen Meng (Eng Teng Association)
  3. Tan Tock Han (Kim Mui Hoey Kuan)
  4. Pang Lim (Qionghai Association (Singapore))
  5. Chua Kee Teang (Nanyang Pho Leng Hui Kuan)
  6. Pok Cheng Chong (Singapore Chin Kang Huay Kuan)
  7. Lee Swee Keng (Singapore Ann Kway Association)
  8. Woo Chee Chay (Yen Leng Goh Clan General Association Singapore)
  9. Lim Wie Ming (Singapore Futsing Association)
  10. Andy Foo Loon Joke (Foo Clan Association)
  11. Ng Poh Wah (Huang Shi Zong Hui (Singapore))
  12. Zhou Zhaocheng (Jiangsu Association (Singapore))
  13. Lew Chee Beng (Khek Community Lieu Clan Association)
  14. Tony Du Zhi Qiang (Tian Fu Association (Singapore))

Outgoing President Mr Chua Thian Poh (second from right) opening the balloting box, witnessed by 15th Vice-Presidents Mr Ho Kiau Seng (left) and Mr Zhong Sheng Jian (right), as well as Treasurer Mr Perng Peck Seng (second from left)

Second stage of the 16th Council election taking place during the AGM, and the announcement of the voting result on the same day

21 new council members will formally appoint another 10 members as council members on 20 September. At the same time, formal appointments of the 16th Council’s President, Vice President, Secretary-General, Treasurer and various office bearers will be announced.

Mr Chua Thian Poh expressing his gratitude to the clan associations members for their support over the years

Outgoing President, Mr Chua Thian Poh, thanked all the members for their support over the years and hoped that they could continue to give their support to the new council.

Besides concluding on the past year’s milestones, the AGM was open to the floor for the clan associations representatives to give ideas and advice for the development of the Chinese community.