Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has just announced the hiatus-triggered model, which would take effect in the next Presidential Election (PE).

This signifies that the next PE would be reserved for qualified Malay candidates, which might result in the first Malay President after more than 46 years.

Other than being the symbolic Head of State and the custodian of our nation’s financial reserves, the President also serves as the embodiment of our nation’s multiracial and racially harmonious identity. It is important that this highest office of our nation remains accessible to all qualified candidates based on their meritocracy and credibility, regardless of which race they are from.

The new Presidential Election model will further ensure multiracial representation in this office, which is vital to safeguarding Singapore’s identity as a multiracial and harmonious society. Regardless of the race in which the Presidential Election may be reserved for, all candidates would still be subjected to the same, most stringent qualifying process.

SFCCA welcomes the introduction of new Presidential Election model and urge all Singaporeans to support this new proposal which would ensure that the Presidential Election remain current and relevant to our society.


Established in 1985, Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA) is the apex body of the Chinese clan associations in Singapore, with PM Lee Hsien Loong named as our first Patron in 2011. The Federation’s primary objectives are to promote understanding and appreciation of Chinese language, culture and values; to lead the Chinese clan associations in Singapore, as well as, organise and support educational, cultural and community activities. The Federation now boasts a membership of over 230.

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