Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA) is deeply saddened by the passing of our former President, Mr S R Nathan.

Mr Nathan was Singapore’s longest serving President, the sixth in Singapore’s history since independence. In his 92 years, he spent 65 of them deeply entrenched in public service with many illustrious appointments including the director of the Security & Intelligence Division under Ministry of Defence, the High Commissioner to Malaysia and the Ambassador to United States. His ardent and tireless contributions to serving Singapore throughout his entire public service career created much impact on the nation as Singapore went through different stages of growth.

Always wanting to do more for people from all walks of lives, especially the less fortunate, Mr Nathan harnessed the influence of the President’s Office to champion fundraising for social causes by establishing the President’s Challenge in 2000, which had raised to date over 100 million for more than 500 Voluntary Welfare Organisations and Charities. He also set up the “S R Nathan Education Upliftment Fund” to provide financial assistance to needy students through Chinese Development Assistance Council, Yayasan MENDAKI, Singapore Indian Development Association and Eurasian Association to ensure equal opportunities to tertiary education for all. He may have left us, but his spirit of empathy and compassion lives on through the legacy he left behind for Singaporeans to emulate.

Understanding how vital the unity and integration of the various racial communities is to Singapore’s stability, Mr Nathan was purposeful in his efforts to engage the local Chinese community by interacting with Chinese community leaders and showing great interest in the development of the Chinese community. His unwavering commitment to serve all people regardless of race or background would become the key element which defined his Presidency.

Today, we lost a great leader, a respected elder and a true People’s President.

As we mourn his passing, we should remember his legacy and endeavour to continue his efforts in building a harmonious society as the best tribute to his memory.

On behalf of SFCCA, I offer our deepest condolences to Mrs Nathan and his family.

23 AUGUST 2016