After more than three years of preparatory work, the book “A General History of the Chinese in Singapore” has been completed and will be published in November.

To celebrate our nation’s 50th birthday as well as the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations’ (SFCCA) 30th anniversary, the SFCCA will be publishing this monumental piece of work in hopes of giving both local and international readers a better understanding of Singapore’s history. During the press conference this morning, Vice-President of SFCCA, Mr Zhong Sheng Jian, emphasised that history forms the basis for the development and legacy of a country. Only when we reflect on history will we be able to move forward. I believe that the book “A General History of the Chinese in Singapore” is the best gift SFCCA can present to the country for its 50th birthday.

The Secretary-General of SFCCA and the editorial consultant, Mr Patrick Lee Kwok Kie, said, “After systematically organising the history of the Singaporean Chinese, we have finally published a book containing this valuable information. I believe that this book will serve as excellent reference material for our future descendants. I feel that this is the historic mission of both the SFCCA as well as Singapore’s Chinese community and hope that this book can receive widespread support from the Chinese community.”

The book, “A General History of the Chinese in Singapore”, has 18 chapters with a total of more than 800,000 words. This is Singapore’s first book on the history of Singaporean Chinese. The book covers 700 years of history from the 14th century till this day and is co-written by famous local and international scholars as well as new immigrants, thus making it a historical book comprehensive of all perspectives.

“A General History of the Chinese in Singapore” contains both pictures and words and will be officially published during the fundraising dinner held to celebrate SFCCA’s 30th anniversary in November. 2,300 books will be printed and available for sale at $80 per book. It costs only $49.90 with the pre-order discount. For more information, contact SFCCA at 6354 4078.