To promote Chinese traditional music and the rich diverse cultures of the clans, the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations held the 2012 “My Clan, My Music!” music concert at Hong Lim Park on 22nd September (Saturday) at 7:30pm. It was a great honour for this year’s concert to be included as one of the  highlights of the month-long “Chinese Cultural Festival”, presenting a rich array of music with distinct cultural elements of the clans.

A total of 5 clan associations participated in the concert. The Chinese Orchestra of the Nanyang Khek Community Guild performed 5 melodious pieces, including Pu Tian Tong Qing(普天同庆), Strolling at Su Dam(苏堤漫步), A Song to Remember (旧曲难忘之一), Great Wall (长城) and Charm of Water Village(水乡风情). The Char Yang (Dabu) Association Choir and the Foong Shoon Fui Kuan Choir presented ballads with rich Hakka cultural elements, such as Ke Jia Ying Ke Lai (客家迎客来), Cai Mi Ge (猜谜歌), Ke Jia Cha Qing (客家茶青) , Hakka Song (客家情). The soul-reaching music awed the audience, pushing the concert atmosphere to its climax. Besides that, the Ann Kway Association Gu Zheng Ensemble performed Fortune Canal (幸福渠水到俺村), Shan Xi Diao (山西调) and Beside the Butterfly Spring (蝴蝶泉边).

The Ying Fo Fui Kun Chinese Orchestra and Choir jointly presented the finale of the night. Popular songs one after another, accompanied by the orchestra in the background, drew the night to a wonderful end.