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11:00 am

Tung Ann District Guild : Jia Chen Singapore Golden Touch Calligraphy Exhibition

The “Jia Chen Singapore Golden Touch Calligraphy Exhibition,” organised by the Tung Ann District Guild and Nanyang Calligraphy Center, co-hosted by the Chan Clan General Association, Baoxing Social Association, and Soon Clan Association, will be held from 26 to 28 January at the Ninth-floor Auditorium of the Tung Ann District Guild Building. The morning of the 26th at 11 a.m., a hundred calligraphers will collectively present calligraphy at the Tung Ann District Guild Building and the adjacent building’s Five-Footway, distributing it free of charge to the public. The public is welcome to personally experience Chinese calligraphy. On the 28th January at 10 a.m., calligrapher Chen Caitian will host a calligraphy session in the association’s auditorium, conducting parent-child activities, offering free calligraphy lessons to the public, families are welcoming to come and learn. Interested individuals can call 62228182 for more details.

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