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2023.12.16 - 2024.05.04


2:00 pm

Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan : Lu Xun Traditional Poetry Appreciation Course

Starting from 16 December, the Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan will host a “Lu Xun Traditional Poetry Appreciation Course” every first and third Saturday of the month from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. at the association, featuring lectures by Mr. Lin Zi. The course will focus on thematic content, word explanations, creative backgrounds, and overall appreciation, aiming to enhance participants’ appreciation skills for classical poetry. The course consists of 10 sessions, with a fee of $150 for members and $180 for non-members. Interested individuals can register via the link below or inquire further by calling 67382691 or reaching out on WhatsApp at 96537718.

🔗: forms.gle/urAnYXLE7FCasLPd8 

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