To strengthen the connection between youths, SFCCA creates various Youth Interest Groups to provide a platform for the youths to learn about the Chinese communities and attract them to participate in activities relating to culture and clan associations.

Organised by SFCCA, the Youth Interest Group: Virtual Escape Room was held on 28 May (Satuday) from 3pm to 4.30pm on Zoom. A total of 70 participants joined this event. The Virtual Escape Room is a multi-perspective escape room game with the theme of “Guardians of the East: The Awakening”. During the game, participating teams had to show teamwork by communicating with one another. This was to ensure that their teammates could  complete the mission and escape the room within the time limit.

The Game Master hosted some ice-breaker games for participants to be acquainted with each other before the game

One of the challenges in the Virtual Escape Room

Another challenge of the Virtual Escape Room

Group photo of the Virtual Escape Room’s participants