Organised by SFCCA, The Nanyang Khek Community Guild and Char Yong (Dabu) Association, the SFCCA Health Carnival was held on 20th October, at SFCCA Multi-Purpose Hall @ Level 1. Over 250 participants attended the carnival. Senior Nutritionist from National Health Promotion Board, Prof Hong Hai and Ms Soh Shan Bin, famous Chinese medicine practitioners to discuss on the topic of treating diabetes from both Chinese and Western medicines’ perspectives.

Participants’ awareness of diabetes and preventive measures improve through the health carnival

Senior Nutritionist from National Health Promotion Board, urging participants to adopt a healthy lifestyle by making changes to their habits

Ms Soh Shan Bin recommends Traditional Chinese Medicines to prevent diabetes

Participants voicing their questions during the Q & A session.

Agency for Integrated care had also joined in the health carnival to explain issues that senior citizens need to pay attention to during the physical examination. Participants of the health carnival benefit with a better understanding of their health management after this carnival.