In tandem with Singapore’s bicentennial commemoration, SFCCA Youth Committee had revamped the usual Youth Networking Session through organising a Brainstorming session themed “Unsung Heroes of Tomorrow” to engage Youth leader representatives from various clan associations to brainstorm ideas and plans to launch innovative philanthropic events. The inaugural brainstorming session took place on Saturday, 21 April 2018, 7pm at The Screening Room. Over 20 leader representatives from various clan associations’ youth groups attended the session.

Around 20 leaders representatives from various youth groups gathered for the preparation of “Unsung Heroes of Tomorrow” with ideas for possible philanthropic events

SFCCA Youth Committee changing their usual mode of Youth Networking session with a inspirational movie “Pay It Forward” viewing session. Using inspirational movie to act as a catalyst to invoke Youth groups’ representatives’ imaginations and ideas.

Mr Mark Mah, Executive Director of SFCCA Secretariat Office, sharing with the youth leader representatives on the overview of the “Unsung Heroes” project

Interested youth leader representatives expressing their opinions and ideas for the formation of possible events in conjunction with the session’s theme