Being an entrepreneur might seem appealing to you, but to new citizens who are not accustomed to the local regulations, it might be a long and enduring road to success.

A seminar was held on 5th March 2016 (Saturday) at Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations to share with attendees on the experiences of two successful new immigrant entrepreneurs in Singapore. The two new immigrants spoke on how they went about starting their businesses and also shared their insights on the future trends of local enterprises.

Liu Xi came from China to study in Nanyang Technological University and started FOMO Digital Pte Ltd while he was still studying. His team stood out in a local contest and thereafter developed a career from his own innovations. Another speaker is Zou Xiangyun, the Chief Executive Officer of Tong Chiang Group Pte Ltd. She ventured into the local Food and Beverages sector in 2007 and has vast accounting and managerial experiences.

These two guest speakers from different backgrounds shared their points of view on the local enterprise environment and their success stories.