SFCCA was alarmed to hear that 27 Bangladeshi working here have been arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA), of which 26 were repatriated to Bangladesh. While they were not planning any terrorist attacks in Singapore, and it is only a minority who subscribes to extremist teachings, the incident demonstrates growing tendencies towards religious extremism in the region, which could possibly undermine Singapore’s national security and racial and religious harmony.

SFCCA fully supports the Singapore government’s actions to beef up national security. Singaporeans should also remain calm and be more vigilant against radical teachings and ideologies, at the same time work hand in hand with the government to safeguard our collective security.

Mr Chua Thian Poh, President of SFCCA, states that we should not be affected by a radicalised minority, nor allow the actions of a few to undermine Singapore’s racial and social harmony that we have built over 50 years of independence. Terrorism, however, is a continuing global threat which Singapore is not immune to. As such, it is imperative that each of us, regardless of race or religion, take on the role of a responsible Singaporean citizen to support the government’s efforts to strengthen national security and fortify religious harmony and social cohesiveness. With solidarity and mutual trust, we believe that Singapore can win the fight against extremists and radical ideologies.