Following the tours to the Eurasian Association, the Indian Heritage Centre and Khadijah Mosque, the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA) brought participants to the majestic Foo Hai Ch’an Monastery as part of the Singapore Heritage Visits, on 14th November 2015 (Saturday).

Participants gathered at SFCCA and listened to Lim Wie Ming, vice-chairman of the SFCCA Research Committee, explain history about the monastery before leaving for the visit

 Participants arrived at Foo Hai Ch’an Monastery by bus, arranged by SFCCA

Participants visiting Foo Hai Ch’an Monastery

The guide talking to the participants about the 9.9m tall Thousand Hands Thousand Eyes Avalokitesvara statue

Participants stopped to photograph a 3.3m tall statue of Sakyamuni Buddha sitting in the temple