Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations held its election of office bearers for the 14th Council on 29th September 2012, with the investiture held on the same day.

The 14th Council has a stronger lineup than before, with the number of council members increased from 15 to 31, which saw an introduction of a total of 17 new members into the Council. The term of service has also been amended from two to three years. The Council’s office bearers include a new Vice President, a deputy secretary-general and deputy treasurer. The number of committees has also been increased from five to six. In order to facilitate the development of the Chinese Cultural Centre, a fund raising committee has also been set up.

Mr Chua Thian Poh was in favour for the position of President, with Mr Ho Kiau Seng and Mr Zhong Sheng Jian as the vice presidents. The detailed listing of the 14th Council cum Committee is as follows:

1.      Council
President: Chua Thian Poh
Vice President: Ho Kiau Seng, Zhong Sheng Jian
Secretary-General: Lee Kwok Kie Deputy Secretary-General: Perng Peck Seng,
Teh Kwi Huat
Treasurer: Phua Kiah Mai Deputy Treasurer: Hong Poh Hin,
Ng Siew Kuan
Council Members: Chua Kee Teang, Ho Kwok Choi, Lee Peng Shu, Low Kok Hua,
Tan Tock Han, Lim Kuan Kang, Lim Wie Ming, Lee Tock Cheong,
Tan Aik Hock, Du Zhi Qiang, Pai Keng Pheng, Chan Sen Meng,
Ko Oon Joo, Teo Ngiang Heng, Foo Loon Joke, Chua Seng Chong, Kua Bak Lim, Zhou Zhaocheng, Pek Ee Perh, Wan Shung Ming, Quek Meng Tong, Lew Chee Beng
Fundraising Committee: Chairman: Ho Kiau Seng
Vice Chairmen: Zhong Sheng Jian, Tan Tock Han
Members: Chua Kee Teang, Ho Kwok Choi, Low Kok Hua,
Lim Kuan Kang, Lim Wie Ming, Du Zhi Qiang, Pai Keng Pheng,
Lew Chee Beng
2.       Honorary Council
Honorary President: Wee Cho Yaw
Honorary Council Members: Ling Lee Hua, Png Chwee Kim, Chua Gim Siong, Leong Heng Keng, Tan Sin Eng, Chwee Meng Chong, Chok Chai Mun, Lee Ah Fong
3.      Working Committee
Member Affairs Committee: Chairman: Chua Seng Chong
Vice Chairmen: Lee Tock Cheong, Tan Eng Lai
Social Affairs Committee: Chairman: Zhou Zhaocheng
Vice Chairmen: Lee Peng Shu, Pang Lim
Cultural Committee: Chairman: Chan Sen Meng
Vice Chairmen: Teo Ngiang Heng, Chong Chin Hin
Research Committee: Chairman: Kua Bak Lim
Vice Chairmen: Quek Meng Tong, Li Ye Ming
Youth Committee: Chairman: Pek Ee Perh
Vice Chairmen: Tan Aik Hock, Lee Wee Chung
Property Committee: Chairman: Wan Shung Ming
Vice Chairmen: Ko Oon Joo, Foo Loon Joke